Many Screens, Big Picture with Paul Dergarabedian

A weekly podcast about the entertainment industry

Paul Dergarabedian
Paul Dergarabedian
Senior Media Analyst

While the moviegoing experience remains a hallmark of our culture, a multitude of devices are changing how individuals access entertainment and watch movies. Listen in to stay on top of the big picture in the film and entertainment industries.

In “Many Screens, Big Picture,” Comscore Sr. Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian talks with the industry’s leading experts to discuss key trends and things to watch for in the landscape of film and entertainment.

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Take a listen to Comscore's latest "Many Screens, Big Picture" podcast featuring Neil Turitz, writer, screenwriter, and journalist with an unapparelled passion for and knowledge of movies and pop culture. Listen in as Paul and Neil discuss their mutual love of movies, books, and box office plus enjoying martinis at Smoke House and a heated discussion about Neil’s and Paul’s differing views of director Christopher Nolan’s brilliance as a filmmaker.  En savoir plus

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