- 19 janvier 2011

The State of Online Video

Intervenant: Dan Piech, Senior Product Management Analyst

2010 was an exciting year for online video, with massive amounts of growth and change throughout the industry. Not only did the number of people viewing online videos grow but so did the amount of video content consumed and the way in which consumers’ accessed content. The implications of this change for the digital advertising industry are huge, with many trying to understand the preferences, expectations and consumers as it relates to online video advertising.

In this presentation on the current state of the online video market, Comscore’s Dan Piech uses industry insights to provide a picture of today’s online video consumer. Who is watching, how engaged are they and what has changed over time? Where are we seeing the biggest shifts – long-form or short-form videos? What impact is online video having on traditional TV viewing, and when it comes to online advertising how are consumers’ preferences shaping the market?