- 19 septembre 2012

Les données non agrégées au service du E-commerce

Intervenant: Sébastien Moraldo, Senior Account Manager, Comscore Europe

In this conference, Sébastien Moraldo, Senior Account Manager at Comscore Digital Analytix highlights the benefits of the un-aggregated data technology.Big Data oriented, the Digital Analytix platform gives access to the completeness measures and provides both power and flexibility to quickly optimize your Ecommerce strategy:

  • Traffic generation: You can compare several attribution models between them - in real-time - and thus adapt your investments and your costs depending on your sales objectives (margin, volume, product)
  • Animation and online conversion: the advanced features of segmentation, filter, funnel of conversion and new variables creation allow - in real time – to improve merchandising and to understand the mechanisms of shopping basket mutations/losses
  • Customers loyalty: you implement an omni channel strategy with many functionalities to import and export data towards your Back Office and CRM tools.