- 9 décembre 2013

2013 Venezuela Digital Future in Focus

Comscore presents the 2013 Venezuela Digital Future in Focus, its report on prevailing trends in changing digital behavior, including a special review of social media, online shopping, banking and government.

Key insights from the 2013 Venezuela Digital Future in Focus report include:

  • The Venezuelan online population spent more than 15 hours online in September 2013. Women aged 55 and older spent the most time online, reaching nearly 16.4 hours online.
  • The online retail audience in Venezuela reached 5.8 million visitors in September 2013. Alibaba,com was the fastest growing property during the last six months at 174 percent, reaching nearly 480 thousand visitors in September.
  • Venezuelans are highly engaged with government destinations: 43.4 percent of the online population visits government properties, compared to the Latin America average reach (36.5 percent) and Global average (21.7 percent) in September 2013.

Please note that the 2013 Venezuela Digital Future in Focus report is part of Comscore’s Future in Focus series. To obtain more detailed insights into mobile trends or the digital landscape for major markets around the world, please visit www.comscore.com/FutureinFocus2013.