- 10 janvier 2024

Closed Loop Cross-Platform Audience Reach with Comscore

You Had Me at Cross-Platform: Reach, Frequency and Beyond in Advertising

Marta Martinez
Marta Martinez
Managing Director: Data Strategy, Measurement & Analytics
Dave Bolger
Dave Bolger
VP, Consumer Media
National Football League
Steve Bagdasarian
Steve Bagdasarian
Chief Commercial Officer
Brian Pugh
Brian Pugh
Chief Information Officer

As audiences continue to fragment across screens, the way viewers are watching live sports is changing rapidly. Google and Comscore share their latest research on the amplified efficacy of a cross-platform approach in Super Bowl advertising. It shows YouTube reached 88% of adults 18-49 with a Super Bowl ad vs. 68% on linear TV, highlighting that it is not only what viewers are watching but also where and how they consume content that matters to a campaign’s success. This presentation also takes a Gen Z lens to advertising’s biggest stage, showing where this emerging consumer is best reached.

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Comscore Chief Commercial Officer Steve Bagdasarian shares his key highlights from CES 2024

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