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Comscore Ad Metrix® provides comprehensive person-level insight into the online advertising landscape, including social, to reveal powerful strategic and competitive intelligence.
Advertisers and agencies use Ad Metrix to optimize campaigns and understand competitive strategies, while publishers use Ad Metrix to build stronger ad sales strategies with a deeper understanding of the overall ad landscape. Reports provide insight into ad clutter, ad spend, and competitive comparisons as well as advertiser reach, frequency, and GRPs.
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Competitive Comparison

Gain insights on advertisers’ strategies or compare publisher advertising spend and reach.

Competitive Comparison

Creative and Messaging Evaluation

Evaluate a specific brand’s creatives to understand campaign and messaging strategy by product, publisher, ad type, and ad size.

Creative and Messaging Evaluation

Deep Audience Insights

Apply audience insights from Comscore’s flagship MMX®, such as demographics, reach/frequency, and GRPs, to understand audiences exposed to advertising.

Deep Audience Insights
  • Assess competitor activity and identify the categories and sites where competing products and brands are advertising.
  • Evaluate the suitability of sites for future campaigns in terms of demographic index, advertising concentration and reach.
  • Better benchmark and pitch new business by examining creative executions, impression volumes and sites used for a given brand across display and social media.
  • Benchmark competitive performance and add weight to sales stories by demonstrating scale and efficiency based on actual campaign delivery.
  • Identify behavior of internet categories and anticipate seasonal demand for content or editorial opportunities.
  • Understand prospective customers’ ad strategy by examining their creatives, volumes and the publishers used across display and social media.

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Ashwath Rajendran
Ashwath Rajendran
Senior Product Manager

Ashwath Rajendran serves as a Senior Product Manager on the Digital Audience Product team at Comscore. Ashwath manages multiple syndicated products focused on digital media planning, advanced audience segmentation and ecosystem intelligence across dozens of global markets.

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