- 28 octobre 2015

2015 Chile Digital Future in Focus

Intervenant: Marcos Christensen, Director Sales, LATAM & Leónidas Rojas, Sales Manager, Chile

The digital world has grown enormously thus far in 2015 and there's been a transformation in the way that Chileans interact with technology and consume media. Perhaps more than at any other moment in history, the changes were not merely incremental but rather seem to represent key turning points in the evolution of various markets and behaviors. We show the current state of online advertising in Latin America and how Comscore is helping to drive the industry.  

Here are some of the digital highlights during 2015 and what it means for next year:

  • Chile is 7th in terms of size of the audience within Latin American countries.
  • Services and Entertainment are the categories with the biggest audience in Chile.
  • iOS has a 12.7% share within operation systems for smartphones.
  • In Chile, one viewer see's an average 122 online videos per month.

In this report, we analyze various categories of digital media to show how the landscape has evolved, who is leading the way, and what this represent for the development of the industry.

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