- 13. April 2016

2016 Uruguay Digital Future in Focus

Sprecher: Marcos Christensen, Director LatAm South Cone

The digital world grew in 2015 and there has been a transformation in the way that Uruguayans interact with technology and consume media. In this annual report, we saw a migration to mobile devices, the prevailing trends in web usage and the continuous evolution of digital advertising, as well as the multi-platform behavior of digital consumers, including online video, social networking, and statistics on the use of smartphones and tablets, and its impact on the digital market.  Learn about the current state of the internet in Uruguay and how Comscore is helping the industry.  

Here are some of the digital highlights of 2015 and what they mean for 2016:

  • Uruguay is leading the region in terms of engagement.
  • Five Categories of content reach more than 80% of Uruguayans desktop users.
  • Android dominates the Uruguayan market through all the different categories of content.
  • Advertising spend on smartphones has increased by 78% and 30 % on tablets in the last two years in the US.
  • The mobile share in Uruguay increased 11,6% compared to last year.

In this report, we analyze the different categories of digital media to show how the landscape has evolved, who is leading the way, and what this means for the development of the industry.

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