Comscore Introduces Digital Analytix™ in Latin America, Providing an Evolution in Web Analytics to the Market

Highly Flexible Solution Frees Marketers to Get the Insights they Need and Provides a More Unified View of Digital Consumer Behavior

Santiago, Chile, July 1, 2011 - Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today introduced Comscore Digital Analytix™ in Latin America, providing an evolutionary solution in web analytics that enables digital marketers and analytics professionals to conduct in-depth forensic research on site-level activity through this highly agile and flexible data analysis architecture. Powered by the proprietary Comscore Atomix™ technology, Digital Analytix utilizes unaggregated data that gives users the ability to run the reports they want, to deliver the insights they need.

“We are very excited to bring Comscore Digital Analytix to markets in Latin America,” said Alejandro Fosk, Comscore senior vice president of Latin America. “Comscore Digital Analytix is the evolution of the Certifica Metric solution, which has been a leading web analytics provider in Latin America for 12 years. The next generation of this service will provide clients with further granularity and flexibility, allowing for more robust and insightful web analysis. Digital Analytix will enable clients to unlock their data, understand their audience, and deliver new insights faster and easier than ever before.”

Comscore Digital Analytix offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible reporting architecture
  • Fast reporting and granular insights
  • Easy to implement (especially for publishers, who can leverage their existing MMX UDM tag for Digital Analytix reporting)
  • Campaign-level insights
  • Cross-platform measurement
  • Sleek, new, user-friendly interface

The Evolution of Web Analytics into a More Unified and Accurate View of Behavior

Comscore is bringing its unique expertise in audience measurement to the web analytics universe in developing a breakthrough technology that combines deep analytics insight with audience profiling. This advancement will enable digital marketers to map the behaviors occurring across their sites to the audience demographics of the people engaging in these activities. This link will enhance publishers’ abilities to tie higher level marketing strategies to actual conversion, providing a truly unified view of digital consumer behavior.

In conjunction with the Digital Analytix launch, Comscore is also introducing the “unique browser” metric. Historically, web analytics tools have used the terminology of “unique visitors” to describe a metric that really measures “unique cookies.” In web analytics, the metric uses the observance of a new cookie to register a “unique visitor,” whereas for audience measurement the metric is based on unique people. Comscore research has consistently illustrated that cookie-based counting methods often show a “unique visitor” count as high as 2.5x that of measures that count unique people on the same set of machines. This is due to effects such as cookie deletion and the use of multiple browsers and devices by the same person to access the same site. Digital Analytix is the first web analytics platform adopting the “unique browser” nomenclature for web analytics. In addition to supporting industry initiatives, this change will help digital measurement professionals avoid having to explain the difference between diverging metrics historically both known as the “unique visitor.”

Clients Voice Support

The following Certifica Metric clients, who are migrating to the new Digital Analytix platform, voiced their support for the evolutionary product:

“As a Certifica Metric client for the past 3 years, web analysis has been a key component in building and evaluating our online strategy. We look forward to utilizing this improved solution in order to further analyze and optimize the online experience for our customers,” - Patricio Villalobos, CTO of Grupo Expansión.

“The launch of Comscore Digital Analytix marks an important step in the evolution of web analytics here in Latin America,” said Omar Robles, Product Manager of CMD-Grupo Clarin. “With access to detailed audience data and further insights into consumer usage we can successfully build efficient content creation and monetization strategies.”

“Mexico’s digital market is rapidly growing making web audience insights even more crucial to building successful digital strategies,” said Fernando Campos, TV Azteca Digital Director. “We welcome Comscore’s introduction of Digital Analytix here in Mexico and look forward to their continued innovations in audience measurement.”

Live Webinar on July 13

Comscore will be hosting a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, July 13 at 12pm (Santiago, Chile) entitled "The Evolution of Web Analytics." During this session we will introduce Comscore Digital Analytix™, the next generation web analytics solution that combines the best of audience measurement and web analytics. To register, please visit: (Please note: This webinar will be conducted in Spanish)

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