- 17. August 2021

Televisionation Comscore Update

In this episode of ITVT/TVOT's video podcast Televisionation, Tracy Swedlow speaks with three Comscore senior executives on audience measurement, innovation, attribution and the recently announced deal with Google.

Michael Vinson, Chief Research Officer
Among other things, Michael and Tracy discuss the difficulties inherent to audience measurement even with today’s digital technologies. He explains how Comscore attempts to overcome those difficulties, and outlines how the company seeks to drive innovation.

Bill Livek, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chairman
Bill explains how Comscore is differentiated in the measurement space, how the the company has adapted to the post-Covid environment, how it is embracing opportunities for greater transparency, innovation and collaboration, how it approaches the issue of attribution, and more.

Chris Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer
Chris discusses the recently announced deal with Google to provide deduplicated connected-TV measurement for YouTube and YouTube TV.