Contextual targeting you can trust

As the desire for transparency in programmatic increases, Comscore helps clients achieve impactful, brand-safe ad delivery via robust, pre-bid contextual targets.

The Solution

Comscore provides pre-bid contextual filters and targets for:

The Technology

Comscore’s solution is powered by intelligent, proprietary assets.

Tech Crawl

Massive crawling technology connects you with brand-safe, relevant content – at scale

Artifical Intelligence

Proprietary AI provides a precise understanding of page content across ~350K topics

Tech Insights

Insights from Comscore solutions allow you to reach key demographics without needing cookies

The Results

Comscore’s solution helps marketers, publishers and platforms improve contextual targeting.


  • Achieve optimal brand safety coverage
  • Deliver ads in contextually relevant settings
  • Reach key demographics without cookies
  • Mitigate issues with invalid traffic and viewability


  • Charge premiums for targeted segments
  • Automate inventory
  • Surpass in-target demographic guarantees
  • Protect client campaigns from brand safety issues


  • Provide customizable brand safety solutions
  • Deliver highly-relevant keyword targeting
  • Offer cookie-less demographic targeting options
  • Bolster exchanges with trusted segments

Get Started

Comscore's pre-bid contextual targets and filters are available in several leading ad tech platforms.
If you would like more information on these specific platforms, please contact us.

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