- 4 aprile 2016

Sophisticated Detection Techniques Essential for Uncovering Majority of Invalid Traffic for Digital Ads

The top online display advertisers deliver hundreds of billions of impressions every year. Unfortunately, more than half of the ad impressions served – 52 percent – never have the chance to make an impact because they’re either not viewable or not delivered to a human.

How can advertisers ensure their ads are actually being seen, let alone by the right people?

An important step to ensuring ads are actually seen by humans is through the implementation of advanced detection techniques that can stamp out invalid traffic (IVT), particularly Sophisticated IVT*. In the 2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus report, Comscore highlights data showing that Sophisticated IVT accounts for the vast majority – 75 percent – of IVT being observed through our detection methods:

*Sophisticated IVT is defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC) as “traffic originating from hijacked devices, malware or misappropriated content.”

Because fraudsters are constantly identifying new ways to harm the ecosystem, sophisticated detection techniques are required for advertisers to mitigate the potential for waste and to ensure they meet their campaign goals.

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