- 16 Novembre 2020

Global State of Mobile

Andrea Sangalli
Andrea Sangalli
Product Management Analyst, International Markets
Kelly Lewis
Kelly Lewis
Product Manager, Digital Audience

Mobile continues to represent a majority of the time spent online, which has impacted the way consumers watch videos, order food, and make payments. The 2020 landscape has seen major changes, including accelerated trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and an increased focus on consumer privacy choices.

Comscore’s 2020 “Global State of Mobile” presentation provides in-depth mobile insights on the global and U.S. market, including:

  • An update on how mobile trends around the world have impacted various categories
  • Deep dives into mobile behaviors in the U.S., including how consumers interact with mobile video, mobile payments, and mobile ordering
  • An examination of how privacy-focused changes will impact media and advertising on mobile, and how measurement will evolve to meet privacy expectations

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