- 28 giugno 2011

Social SEO: How to Optimize your Social Presence for Search

Relatore: Eli Goodman, Comscore Search Evangelist & Albert Gouyet, VP Product Marketing, BrightEdge

The majority of the worlds’ top brands are failing to make their Facebook and Twitter pages more discoverable in search results. In fact, over 70 percent of these brands had Facebook and Twitter pages that did not appear in the top 20 results of a search for the specific brand name.

With the interplay between social media and search becoming more important every day, marketers need to learn how to boost organic search rankings through effective social platform management. Comscore and BrightEdge provide insight into the state of search and discuss strategies for how you can make the most of your social media presence.

Gain intelligence that you can implement right away:

  • Understanding trends between social and search and what lies ahead
  • A look across industries and how sensitive they are to social media signals
  • Best practices to drive revenue with an integrated search and social media approach
  • How to get buy-in across your company for your social SEO initiatives

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