- 8 marzo 2016

Value of a Digital Ad: Comscore and Millward Brown

How Delivery and Brand/Sales Effect Can Drive Advertising ROI

Understanding the true value of digital advertising activity is a key challenge for brands and agencies, as they attempt to evaluate marketing spend holistically across online and other media. For publishers, the ability to demonstrate the quality of their inventory beyond reach and frequency remains crucial in securing both direct and automated advertising budgets.

This document curates insights from Comscore and Millward Brown in an overview of both delivery metrics (in-view, fraud-free, brand safe and to a targeted, human audience) and effectiveness measures that identify brand and sales impact. In successfully aligning these components, we will be better positioned to help brands determine true ROI, and use digital effectively in the wider media mix.

1) Delivery

How well is a digital ad delivered…

  • To an actual human being rather than a bot or spider?
  • In viewable locations, in brand safe environments, in its intended geography?
  • To its intended demographic target?

2) Brand / Sales Effect

Are consumers…

  • More aware of or interested in the brand?
  • More likely to consider buying / recommending it?
  • Actually purchasing the brand?

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