- 19 marzo 2020

Comscore’s ‘Epidemic Brand Safety Filter’ Lets Brands Opt Out Of Virus News

Rachel Gantz, GM of Activation Solutions at Comscore, discusses the launch of Comscore's Epidemic Brand Safety Filter with BeetTV's Robert Andrews.

The thirst for information about the pandemic is widely seen as driving a flight of audience to trusted news sources. So you may think that advertisers would be happy with the traffic boost. But some ad buyers are unhappy with the nuance of the virus stories they are being placed against.

In response, Comscore has launched an “epidemic brand safety filter”, a brand safety segment available inside DSPs via Comscore contextual targeting, which lets ad buyers fine-tune the kind of virus content they do or don’t appear against.

“Instead of traditional brand safety filters, which are binary – they either block all content related to a topic or none – what we’ve created is brand suitability filters which have low and high thresholds,” she explains.

“So, a brand might be comfortable with content around educational content surrounding the coronavirus, or content around some of the impacts of popular culture, but they very much want to stay away from content, say, about some of the horrible tragedies, or lockdowns, or content of that nature.”

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This video is part of Beet.TV’s BeetCam series.

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