Measure complete deduplicated reach in 129 local markets

Matthew Wiesemann
Matthew Wiesemann
Senior Manager, Marketing
A major CPG client used Comscore’s market-level CCR Local reporting to identify the best performing publisher partners and optimize campaign Reach

CCR Local provides personified local-level campaign insights powered by our massive linear footprint and the most extensive local coverage available, covering 1 in 3 U.S. TV Households and more than 99% of all U.S. ZIP codes. Are you ready to learn what CCR Local can do for your ad campaigns?

The Scenario

A global CPG brand seeks to identify the specific local markets where target audiences are more concentrated and which publishers most effectively reach those segments.

The Solution

Number 1

Step 1

Implement CCR using Comscore’s easy-to-append digital tag to capture valuable deduplicated Reach, Frequency, and Unique Audience metrics across both standard age and gender and extended demographic audiences at a local market level.

Number 2

Step 2

Measure the complete campaign flight to strategically analyze market and partner level reach to key audience segments.

Number 3

Step 3

Optimize audience targeting strategies and curate the portfolio of publisher partners to ensure that campaign impressions are served to the primary target audience in core markets.

The Results

Analyzing local market delivery allowed the client to pinpoint the specific markets where their target audience is focused and the partners that most effectively reached them. This allowed for more precise targeting, ensuring that ad spend is allocated to the markets and partners most likely to yield results.

  • The brand reached 19% of the target audience in New York City on publisher 4, contributing to a 40.2% deduplicated Reach across all publishers serving inventory in NYC.

The client was able to identify the key markets where their target audience could be reached and confirm the specific publisher partners that reached these segments. Targeting was adjusted to prioritize those markets and spend was increased on the most effective publisher partner to optimize Reach.

% Reach by Publisher & Market
Source: Comscore Campaign Ratings – Local – Blinded Client Study Q3’23