The benefits of impressions-based buying

All Media Marketing
All Media Design Group achieved faster, more accurate, and cost-effective campaigns through an impressions-based buying strategy

Television viewing has become fragmented

Along with traditional or linear TV, technology has provided viewers with the convenience of time-shifted and streaming TV content available on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, accurately targeting specific audiences has become more difficult, and rating points have become less effective at measuring the success of a campaign or providing future insights.

That’s where Impressions-Based Buying comes in. Impressions-Based Buying gives advertisers a more thorough, detailed view of audiences, for smarter and cost-effective media planning and buying. It also allows for better audience estimates and faster, more accurate post-performance that reflects how viewers are watching.

Comscore’s television measurement is based on passive measurement from 75+ million TVs, so it is stable, reliable, and predictable. Advertisers can move beyond age and gender, and look at audience metrics based on a client’s targeted consumer profile—allowing both the buy-side and sell-side to truly value niche audiences. Comscore measures detailed household attributes like income, education, home ownership, ethnicity, auto intenders, and standard demographics to improve media effectiveness and efficiencies.


Comscore increases the volume or pool of impressions in your media buys, and gives value to nearly all programming, eliminating what are called “zero cells.” A zero cell advertising unit is based on incomplete or inaccurate data, that suggests a television unit had zero audience. Traditional television measurement relies on a panel or sample of respondents for measurement, which reports some programming produced zero audience—potentially leading to erroneous conclusions on audience size or demographics.

“From an agency standpoint, we must continue to explain the Comscore shift to clients,” says Rich Thomas, VP & General Manager for All Media, “why we’re changing the model, and arm them with the information to explain to leadership.