How WBRE-TV used Comscore to help clients recruit

WBRE-TV, a local NBC affiliate in Wilkes-Barre, used Comscore data to win new business in an entirely new industry: blue collar job recruiting.

The Scenario

When traditional means of advertising—such as newspapers and job fairs—weren’t working for blue collar job recruiters, WBRE-TV used Comscore data to introduce a new strategy for reaching target audiences, and won the business and trust of their clients.

The Solution

WBRE-TV used the power of video advertising and Comscore insights to provide a solution to their clients’ recruiting challenges.

Number 1

WBRE-TV first sold their clients on the power of video—the ability to make jobs come alive, gain traction and credibility and keep candidates’ attention—as a unique and promising alternative to print advertising.

Number 2

WBRE-TV used Comscore data to go beyond age and gender to target the specific demographic the recruiters were looking for.

Number 3

WBRE-TV used Comscore data to identify programs and telecasts that had a high reach with the recruiters’ target audiences.

The Success

WBRE-TV won over $65,000 in new local direct business between four clients over five months. Recruiting clients saw applications pour in and employee turnover decrease.


New local direct business