- 9 de noviembre, 2016

Search engines are dream destinations for German travel advertisers

More than 45 million German Internet users accessed travel sites in August 2016, representing a 23% increase in visitation to the category from the same period last year. Holiday seekers visit multiple sites during their search for the dream getaway, resulting in high overlap between audiences. Understanding how consumers arrive at new sites provides valuable insights for travel providers hoping to be the final destination for a booking.

Key insights:

  • Unsurprisingly, search delivers most traffic to the top 5 German travel sites on desktop. On average the percentage of their traffic via search is 14.5%, although this ranges from 4.8% to over 31% for the most search-dependent of these 5 entities.
  • Social media and email also deliver significant volumes of potential customers, with a mean of 1.5% and 1.2%, respectively.
  • On average 7.4% of traffic to the top 5 travel sites comes directly from competitors’ sites.
  • Mobile is becoming increasingly important for savvy German travel shoppers – 63.7% of the mobile travel audience compares prices online, compared to only 18.9% of the general mobile audience.

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