- 20 de octubre, 2016

Surfing in August? German holidaymakers’ mobile browsing habits

It is no secret that online travel sites face fierce competition, with numerous properties competing in this space. Whether consumers were making plans for their summer vacation or already planning their winter getaway, over half of German Internet users (54%) visited online travel sites in June 2016. This is 7 percentage points above the European average and 19 above global markets.

Insights from Comscore revealed that users typically hop between multiple travel sites, with high levels of cross-visitation within the category. Travel providers therefore face strong challenges in retaining and converting users ahead of their competitors. 

Some key insights:

  • Access frequency to German Mobile Travel peaks in May when 15.4% of the travel audience access travel content via browser or app almost every day.
  • Even as late as June, 29.3% of German mobile users visit travel sites at least once a week on their smartphones, with 56.4% accessing travel sites once to three times a month and 14.2% almost every day.
  • Apart from HRS.de, browser access rather than apps is currently the preferred method for visiting. Both Tripadvisor.de (51.7% browser access, 51% app access) and HRS.de (50.9% browser Access, 55.9% app access) have an almost equal split.
  • When looking at demographic profiles, the majority of German Mobile Travel Site visitors are male and over a quarter are aged between 25-34 years’ population overall). Two-thirds of them do not have children and live in households with two people.

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