- 16 de septiembre, 2019

New Canadian Trends in Online Sports Consumption

Cecelia Xu
Cecelia Xu
Product Marketing Manager

Download the whitepaper to understand how Canadians have changed in the way they engage with sports media online, and how marketers and media companies can continue to reach and influence them. 

2019 was a landmark year for Canadian sports and audiences. The Toronto Raptors captured their first-ever NBA championship, and three Canadian hockey teams - the Flames, Jets and Maple Leafs - qualified for the NHL Playoffs. While TV show streaming services continuously pop up in Canada, sports has been the exception. However, there is a growing movement for sports consumption moving online, and specifically, to online video. 

This report helps marketing professionals better understand their audience in Canada by answering questions such as: What are the most popular sports online, and where do opportunities exist for marketers? And, what is the profile of online sports audiences and how can marketers better segment and engage them? 

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