- 11 de junio, 2015

AppNexus Joins Comscore Industry Trust

Comscore: We are excited to share that AppNexus is now part of our Industry Trust initiative, which is a path to creating a thriving programmatic environment that is trusted by both buyers and sellers.

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In addition to AppNexus’ own initiatives to build trust in online advertising, we’re partnering with industry leaders like Comscore to further uncover quality in programmatic. Today we are excited to share that we are joining the Comscore Industry Trust initiative, a multiphase initiative designed to enable trusted programmatic transactions of quality advertising between buyers and sellers. Comscore Industry Trust focuses on providing an independent rating of ad inventory quality, thereby activating quality inventory across programmatic trading and creating a trusted marketplace that better serves the ecosystem.

As of today, Comscore Trust Profiles – the first phase of the company’s Industry Trust initiative that allows buyers to use key Comscore advertising metrics directly in select programmatic trading platforms – are available to AppNexus customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico with additional market rollout coming soon. Trust Profiles, which include Comscore MMX and Video Metrix rankings, can be accessed in AppNexus alongside the brand safety, page quality, and categorization metrics from Proximic, whom Comscore acquired last month.

At its core, the AppNexus platform is a liquid marketplace for sellers and buyers of digital inventory. Marketplaces don’t function efficiently where one party is less transparent than the other. Likewise, where buyers can’t be sure of the quality of goods sold, the market behaves inefficiently.

To maintain an efficient marketplace, we think it’s very important that everyone take a trust-and-verify approach. So while we’ve taken major steps to create greater quality controls and transparency in our marketplace, we expect that buyers will want to use third-party tools to measure and ensure that they’re buying what they expect to buy. It’s important that AppNexus work very closely with those third parties to help our buyers get the verification they need.

By enforcing our own strong controls and protections on inventory quality and partnering with others who bring quality and transparency to the ecosystem, AppNexus is committed to growing a marketplace that benefits buyers and sellers alike.

For more information on the Comscore Industry Trust initiative and to learn how you can gain access to Trust Profiles within AppNexus, visit http://www.comscore.com/Industry-Trust or: Contact Us