- 2 de mayo, 2024
Tara Gotch
Tara Gotch
Executive Vice President, Commercial

For many broadcasters, the NAB Show is all about the tech: from robotic cameras for studios to the latest in video walls and immersive VR.

For Comscore, our focus at the NAB Show went beyond screen type and markets to focusing on all audiences at scale. In particular, we highlighted the breadth of data we provide to enhance storytelling, and how we enable Station clients to reach advertisers in ways like never before. From granular audience insights, to highlighting our cross-platform campaign reporting capabilities, we made the case for bringing it all together with an innovative lens on the future of modern media and demonstrated how we are delivering on that now.

We kicked off our campaign for the show with a pre-event announcement on Run3TV with our partners at Pearl TV, the developers of the Run3TV platform. The purpose of the Run3TV platform is to support the deployment of innovative applications by broadcasters and receiver manufacturers, enabling viewers to take better advantage of NEXTGEN TV broadcasting.

Run3TV was showcased at the ATSC booth and in the Pearl Network Consortia suite, which I visited with Comscore’s Chief Information Officer, Brian Pugh. In making the announcement with all the Run3TV partners, Brian Pugh said it will allow enhanced return path data capabilities increasing the customer satisfaction and value of measurement:

  • "Our partnership aims to enhance audience measurement precision with big data capabilities for over-the air, contributing to the industry's growth and innovation.”

Brian Pugh
Comscore Chief Information Officer

As our current over-the-air (OTA) methodology is included in our MRC accreditation, we intend to continue leading OTA measurement with the direct integration of tune-level data, ACR data from Smart TV devices, OTA data from direct device measurement and Expanded measurement reach to OTA-only stations.

Commitment to OTA Measurement

Innovation was a recurring theme for Comscore as we hosted a panel discussion on day two titled ‘Innovation, from local broadcast to multi-channel measurement’.

Comscore’s VP of Strategy and Business Development, Joseph Delfino was joined on stage by AWS Global Industry Specialist Leader, Chris Ziemer and Graham Media Group Director of Transformation Michael Newman to double click into how to enrich local broadcast and national audience data via clean rooms to drive cross-platform audience insights and reach.

As Michael Newman shared during the discussion, which was hosted at TV and Radio HQ and sponsored by Comscore for a second consecutive year:

  • “We want to be clean room ready, before our clients ask us to be ready. We want to be futuristic and idealistic at the same time so our clients can reach audiences with the broadcast-like scale we have, and all the data insights of Comscore and AWS layered in.”

Michael Newman
Graham Media Group Director of Transformation

Amazon Web Services also hosted a commanding presence on the exhibit floor, which included a Comscore demo. Our collaboration with AWS showcased the potential of AI and machine learning (ML) in leveraging TV data within the AWS QuickSight platform, providing a glimpse into the capabilities of on-demand audience insights at the click of a mouse.

If it sounds like a different Comscore from previous NAB shows, I feel strongly that we have been working towards this renewed vision of measurement and activation for many years and it has been welcomed feedback to hear the industry embrace our all-audiences mission. To be able to bring that together with our unified methodology was a crowning achievement heading into this NAB Show.

Comscore also shared news that we recently achieved unprecedented industry accreditations. We are the first in the industry to hold both MRC accreditation and JIC Certification. Not all big data is created equal and Comscore has long been leading by example. Having recognition from these accrediting organizations should give the marketplace confidence in our transactability as a currency. As our CEO Jon Carpenter said last month, it underscores Comscore’s dedication to delivering unparalleled data quality and reliability to our clients, setting new standards for measurement with national scale and local precision.

Today networks and advertisers can unlock person-level viewership with precision and stability while optimizing beyond linear into all formats to drive maximum ROI. What it ultimately means is that we have solidified currency readiness for Local, National, and across all platforms in the lead up to the 2024 Upfronts.

To connect with Comscore ahead of the Upfronts, use this link to get in touch with me or to ask me how we can support your growth.

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