- 1 de agosto, 2022

Comscore Snapshot: A look at India’s OTT market size

Dhanya Purushothaman
Dhanya Purushothaman
Client Insights Partner

When it comes to home entertainment, it’s safe to say that consumers have never had as many options at their fingertips as they do now. In India the OTT market has been growing at a steady pace over the years - from April 2020 to April 2022 was 15% growth.

The market has 457 Million UVs with a penetration of 94.1%.

OTT Category Growth

In terms of traffic, mobile is the unanimous choice of consumers. MX Player, for example, had 69X times more visitors on Mobile compared to desktop. In another hand, Netflix received only 6X times.

Desktop vs Mobile Contribution to Total MMX MP UVs

Want to know more? In our latest Report: Booming OTT Market & New Players Seeking a Slice of the Pie we analyzed the OTT industry in India, which allows us to quantify macro and micro trends based on consumer behaviours.

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