- 29 de noviembre, 2016

German travel shoppers: The multiple stops for a bargain hunt

The German online travel audience continues to grow, with even desktop witnessing a 3% increase in Unique Visitors since June 2015. Across all devices, 56.4 million unique visitors made more than 196 million visits across all sites in the category. As more users turn to digital channels, the competitive overlap has grown significantly, increasing the need for advertisers to keep their brands front of mind throughout the consideration period.

Key Insights:

  • In October 2016, more than a quarter (29.3%) of the German travel category audience visits 2 or more category sites on desktop in a month – higher than in other competitive areas such as Newspapers (24%) or Apparel Retail (17.4%).
  • This level of competition is intensified in prime planning periods, rising to more than a third (33.6%) of consumers in January 2016.
  • Among the top 10 German desktop travel sites, Opodo.de shared the most of their consumers (63.4% also visited Fluege.de), while Bahn.de has a comparatively loyal audience, with an average of 10.4% visiting any of the top 10 German desktop travel websites.

  • Ads influence the booking process. On mobile, half of the German Travel audience recalls seeing a browser or app advert, and a quarter of interacted using a QR / Bar code, from which 16% used it to get product information.