- 23 de junio, 2011

State of the Internet in the U.S. in Q2 2011

Presentador: Elise Neel, Vice President, Marketing Solutions & Angela Bianco, Senior Manager

The total internet population worldwide spent 1.8 trillion minutes online and 1 in 6 people visited a social networking site in the month of April 2011 alone. Angela Bianco, Comscore Senior Manager joins Elise Neel, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, in presenting the key insights into recent trends in the U.S. and the unique opportunities existing in this dynamic online market.

Session Highlights Include:

  • An overview of audience trends in the U.S. and worldwide
  • Top line analysis of video, search, mobile and e-commerce
  • Analysis of the top online activities and sites driving visitation and engagement across U.S. markets
  • A review of top online trends in 2011 and what factors will be important as we look ahead to 2012