- 29 de junio, 2011

The Mobile Nation in Canada: A First Look

Presentador: Bryan Segal, Vice President

In March 2011, 40.6 percent of mobile users in Canada used an application on their mobile device, while 32.7 percent used a mobile browser. As the mobile universe continues to weave itself into the fabric of daily life, it is critical for marketers to understand the latest consumer trends how their audiences are consuming mobile media. With the launch of Comscore’s mobile measurement solution MobiLens™ in Canada, marketers are getting a first look into this dynamic digital audience.

This presentation provides insight into the rapidly developing mobile market in Canada as it compares to countries around the world, and includes intelligence on how to optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

Session Highlights Include:

  • Canadian consumers’ mobile behaviors and device usage relative to consumers worldwide
  • Driving factors of mobile media consumption across platforms
  • The influence of advertising in Canada’s mobile landscape
  • Device-specific features and consumer perceptions of brands/operators
  • Reaching the consumer through the multi-screen

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