- 13 de noviembre, 2014

2014 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report

Susan Engleson
Susan Engleson
Senior Director, Products

The 2014 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report provides a detailed analysis of overall industry trends in 2013 and the attitudes and intentions of consumers shopping for auto insurance online. In addition, the study reports on the volume of online quote requests and highlights customer preferences on purchasing channels and key factors driving the decision-making process.


Key insights from 2014 Auto Insurance Shopping Report include:

  • Auto Insurance Shopping and Switching Consideration is Relatively Flat in 2014
    The percentage of consumers who considered switching their insurance company decreased slightly Y/Y in 2014, as did the percentage of consumers who shopped for insurance in 2014
  • Agents Continue to be the Most Common Purchase Method
    Among shoppers who purchase with an agent, price is increasingly the reason for doing so, rather than a lack of other purchase options
  • Consumers are Increasingly Likely to Purchase Online in the Future
    37% of consumers in 2014 said they would be likely to purchase online in the future, up from 35% in 2013
  • Price, Regardless of Channel, Drives Purchasing Decisions
    Although online purchasers are more price sensitive, price remains the most important factor when purchasing auto insurance regardless of purchase channel
  • Mobile Quoting and Purchasing is Emerging
    While less than 10% of smartphone and tablet owners have quoted or purchased on their mobile device, total Internet time spent on mobile has increased significantly over the years while time spent on PCs holds steady, making both channels important

If you have any questions about the report, or would like to purchase past reports, please contact Sarah Lenart at slenart@comscore.com.

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