6 de noviembre, 2023

Strategies that Win: The New Year Sports Segment Guide

Are you looking to score big with sports fans this upcoming season?

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The exciting sporting events throughout the first few months of each year bring in record-setting viewership, offering a massive, engaged audience for advertisers to tap into.

This guide covers segment suggestions for the conclusion of the college football and NFL season, including College Football Bowl Games and the Super Bowl showdown. It also dives into the thrilling NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament, March Madness, with segments on buzzer-beaters, upsets, and crowning a national champion. And for the speed demons, rev up your excitement with segments on F1 and other thrilling motorsports.

Our expert team is here to curate a winning sport targeting strategy that's bound to score. Get ready for the biggest season of sports and download our sports segment guide today.