4 de abril, 2023

Year in Review: Oh Canada!

See the holistic view of audience behaviors in Canada, with actionable insights for the year ahead for brands, agencies, and publishers.

With the competitive media landscape changing at pace in 2023, the Year in Review is a full wrap of 2022 from our holistic view of digital, social, advertising, and gaming consumers to better understanding audience insights in Canada and from a global perspective.

Watch the full recording of our webinar with presenter Bryan Segal, Senior Vice President, Commercial, looking back at 2022 habits and trends in the ever-evolving Canadian digital landscape.

Key insights include:

  • What content are Canadians engaging with?
  • What shifts have been seen in particular industries such as Retail, CPG, Banking, Travel and Gaming
  • Video consumption by platform
  • Longer Term Impact of COVID on Content Consumption
  • What brands are Canadians engaging with on Social Media?
  • What incremental reach can that social audience drive?
  • A look ahead to 2023 & beyond

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