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Presentation Set. 23, 2016 | Share

Illuminate Your Digital Advertising: Finding Light in Today’s Complexity

In this session, Martin Bromfield, VP Advertising comScore EMEA looks at key issues and real-life examples to provide insights and clarity into tackling today’s challenges and uncovering new opportunities in digital advertising. Read more

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Millennials Use More Apps, but Spend a Greater Share of Time on Top Apps

Millennials Use More Apps but Spend a Greater Share of Time on Top Apps

In the recently released 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report, we reported that Millennials concentrate more of their mobile app time within the Top 10 ranked apps in their cohort than older age groups do. In fact, half of Millennials’ total engagement on mobile apps occurs on the group’s Top 10 highest usage apps. This concentration of activity in the Top... Read more

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comScore Partners with DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group for Their Digital Industry Reporting Service

comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced a partnership with The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) for comScore’s Digital Download Essentials Industry (DDEi) service in North America. The DDEi service, focused on efforts to further expand the market coverage of transactional movie and TV show measurement, is the leading source of industry on movie and... Read more

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comScore Announces Launch of MMX® Multi-Platform in the Netherlands to Measure Unduplicated Audiences Across Desktop, Smartphones and Tablets

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced the launch of MMX® Multi-Platform in the Netherlands to measure unduplicated audiences across desktop, smartphones and tablets in order to account for today’s total digital population. The new service builds on comScore’s rich audience measurement solutions, including MMX, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix,... Read more

Data Gem Set. 22, 2016 | Share

Facebook retains Social Media crown for UK Millennials

The last few years have seen fierce competition for the Social Media crown. New and upcoming entities have emerged in the market, tackling digital networking in different ways. However, among the Millennials in the UK, one of the largest demographics and the first “digital natives”, no other provider has been able to undermine Facebook’s dominance. Read more

Press Release Set. 20, 2016 | Share

comScore Study Finds Advertising on Premium Publisher Sites Drives Higher Ad Effectiveness

SÃO PAULO, SP, September, 20th, 2016 – comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) announced recently in the US the publication of its latest report, The Halo Effect: How Advertising on Premium Publishers Drives Higher Ad Effectiveness. The research and resulting study examines the branding effectiveness of digital display and video ads appearing on Digital Content... Read more

Blog Set. 19, 2016 | Share

OpenTable, Nike+ and United Airlines Top List of Highest Indexing Apps Among Affluent Users

OpenTable, Nike+ and United Airlines Top List of Highest Indexing Apps Among Affluent Users

In conducting research for the The 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report, it became apparent that the audience composition of an app can widely differ from one to another. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at apps that skew heaviest among users in the higher income brackets, as this can be a particularly valuable demographic segment for marketers.... Read more

Data Gem Set. 19, 2016 | Share

The Impact of Mobile on the Retail Category in Canada

How is Mobile impacting digital behavior towards the Retail Industry in Canada

How Canadian retailers should adjust their digital marketing strategies to best engage with their multi-devices consumers today? Read more

Blog Set. 16, 2016 | Share

Part 2: Why the Power of Habit Drives Power Law Distributions in Mobile App Usage

Power Law Distribution

In the first part of this blog post, we discussed the power of habit in driving smartphone app usage and how the biggest names in digital media generally have an advantage as more media consumption shifts to digital. One of the ways we see this advantage manifest is the prevalence of power law distributions in examining usage patterns. A power law distribution... Read more

Presentation Set. 15, 2016 | Share

Targeting the Millennial Generation

Targeting the Millennial Generation

In this presentation, Mike Shaw, VP Sales UK at comScore looks at the targeting and monetisation of the youth audience for news publishers. Read more