Jamie Jamie

What sets comscore apart
is the ever-changing and
dynamic nature of the work.

- Jamie, Senior Director

Coralie Naresh

I enjoy the benefits
of being at a mature company
and the thrill of being
at a start-up.

- Naresh, Group Vice President

Coralie Coralie

The work environment
is very open,
international and

- Coralie, Senior Manager


We are a fast
growing company with
an international presence,
but we still have our start-up roots.

- Natasja, Recruitment Researcher

Ramzi Ramzi

The results of our
projects have a clear
and strong impact.

- Ramzi, Director

John Jon

Even after more
than four years
at comScore, I am
still challenged daily.

- Jon, Senior Manager


Engineers participate
in the decision-making
process, from concept
to implementation.

- Violeta, QA Engineer


Construa uma carreira de possibilidades ilimitadas

Construa sua carreira na comScore, empresa líder global em medir o mundo digital e a fonte preferida de inteligência de marketing digital. a comScore está recrutando pessoas talentodas, criativas e altamente motivadas para ajudarem a construir nossa empresa em franco crescimento. Oferecemos a oportunidade de conhecer a animação, desafio e recompensas de trabalhar em um ambiente empresarial em rápido desenvolvimento.

A comScore é um empregador de oportunidades iguais.


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