- 9 décembre 2014

GroupM, IPG, Omnicom Group and Publicis Groupe Drive Momentum for vCE in DoubleClick

In late October, we hosted a dinner in New York City alongside Google executives to celebrate our partnership with DoubleClick. In attendance were agency leaders from the major holding companies as well as brand leaders from companies like Comcast, Pfizer and Merck.

The discussions were centered on the need for comparability between platforms and reducing complexity in the ad buying process. Comscore has been committed to simplifying the buying and selling of digital advertising, while enhancing the quality of impressions that are bought and sold. Working with our partners, such as Google, to bring Comscore metrics into the platforms our clients are using every day is vital to achieving this goal.

GRPs and Video Leading the Way
Earlier this year at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, we publicly announced this strategic partnership with Google. By early summer, we made vCE in DoubleClick Beta available for select clients, and in October, we rolled out the solution to the entire marketplace.

Since then, we’ve received positive responses from the buy-side, particularly the big agency holding companies including GroupM, IPG, Omnicom Group and Publicis Groupe. In addition, publishers have embraced our solution to better forecast the availability of demographic impressions. GRPs have been particularly of interest to video advertisers and we’re pleased to see a large portion of the ads using it have been for video campaigns.

Moving Beyond Reporting to Forecasting
In early 2015, we will be rolling out additional vCE in DoubleClick features, including forecasting reports that can be leveraged by buyers and sellers. During our time in New York City, we discussed how real-time metrics – like the one Google and Comscore are working on together –can offer insights that are truly actionable, not after-the-fact.

The work that has happened so far and everything that is to come through the integration of vCE in DoubleClick brings us to a better media ecosystem. By enabling advertisers and publishers to measure campaigns with a single click, providing cross-screen comparable audience delivery metrics – such as reach, frequency and GRPs – and most importantly, going beyond reporting to real forecasting, we will provide the comparability and ease the market needs to move forward. Cheers!

For more information visit: https://www.comscore.com/Insights/Press-Releases/2014/2/Comscore_and_Google_Partner