Europeans More Likely than Americans to Use Mobile Phones to Access the Internet

London, UK, 23 October, 2006 – Comscore Networks, a leader in global digital media measurement, today releases the inaugural findings of the Comscore Mobile Tracking Study, which reveals significant differences in the way that Europeans and Americans use the Web on their mobile phones. This innovative ongoing tracking study is designed to analyze and understand how consumers across six countries in Europe and America (U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) access Internet content from their mobile phones. It shows that 29 percent of European Internet users within the aforementioned countries regularly access the Web from their mobile phones compared to only 19 percent in the U.S.

Of the countries examined, the highest mobile Web penetration is seen in both Germany and Italy (34 percent for each), followed by France with 28 percent, Spain with 26 percent and the UK with 24 percent. The U.S. figure of 19 percent is the lowest of the set.

Mobile Internet Penetration by Country
September 2006 –U.S., UK, French, German, Italian and Spanish Online Populations
Source: Comscore Networks – Mobile Tracking Study
  U.S. France Germany Italy Spain UK
Online Population: Persons 15+
from Home and Work (000)
152,698 23,980 32,085 17,389 12,281 29,589
% Online Population Accessing Web
from Mobile Phone
19% 28% 34% 34% 26% 24%

The Comscore Mobile Tracking Study also shows than men are somewhat more likely to access the Web from their mobile phones than women. Across all six countries, although the Internet penetration is split evenly between men and women, 55 percent of those who access the Web from their mobile phones are men.

Nokia Leading the Way

The study found Nokia to be the leading brand of phone for those who regularly access the mobile Web across five of the six countries examined, capturing share ranging from 50 percent in Italy to 22 percent in France. Only in the U.S., where Motorola has the greatest share (26 percent), is Nokia pushed into second place, with a 17 percent share.

Mobile Internet Share of Market as Measured by Penetration by Phone Brand
September 2006 – U.S., UK, French, German, Italian and Spanish Online Populations
Source: Comscore Networks – Mobile Tracking Study
 Phone Brand  U.S. France Germany Italy Spain UK
Nokia 17% 22% 32% 50% 39% 39%
Motorola 26% 13% 22% 18% 14% 14%
Samsung 10% 21% 8% 8% 17% 17%
Sony Ericsson 6% 14% 12% 5% 11% 13%
Other 41% 30% 27% 19% 20% 17%

Portals and Providers are the Most Popular Sites

The Comscore tracking study determined that the major online portal sites represent the most popular online destinations among mobile Web surfers, with Google, Yahoo! and MSN leading the way. However, the mobile Web sites set up by the phone operators, such as Vodafone, o2 and T-Mobile, are also proving attractive to mobile Web surfers, particularly in Europe.

Mobile Internet Penetration- Most Popular Sites
September 2006 –U.S., UK, French, German, Italian and Spanish Online Populations
Source: Comscore Networks – Mobile tracking study
 Site Category  U.S. France Germany Italy Spain UK
Online Portal 74% 24% 29% 34% 28% 31%
Operator Portal 5% 26% 25% 18% 25% 31%
Specific Mobile Site 0% 17% 17% 23% 4% 0%
Commerce Site 4% 2% 8% 7% 6% 8%
News Site 2% 10% 0% 11% 2% 9%
Other 15% 22% 21% 8% 35% 21%

“Three-quarters of American mobile Web surfers access content from the leading online portals such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN compared to only thirty percent of Europeans,” commented Bob Ivins, managing director of Comscore Europe. “In Europe, the mobile Internet appears to mirror the dynamics of the fixed Internet. Google remains strong but the other U.S.-based portals achieve much lower penetration, facing stiff competition from local competitors--in this case the mobile providers-- who have the structural advantage of a degree of control over the access point and interface from the mobile phone.”

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