- 21 de julio, 2020

StackAdapt Q&A: Driving Brand Lift with Connected TV

Natasha Merchant
Natasha Merchant
Vice President, Survey Insights

Since the start of 2020, we’ve seen notable shifts in consumption of TV, video and digital content across platforms. This changing media landscape is impacting how brands need to approach their advertising strategies.

To this end, Comscore and programmatic advertising platform StackAdapt conducted the first-ever connected TV (CTV) Brand Survey Lift study. This study was designed to help a financial services client determine the efficacy of the emerging CTV platform in driving real-world results.

For background, Comscore Brand Survey Lift (BSL) is a survey-based advertising effectiveness solution that measures the total branding impact of desktop and mobile campaigns, including lift by publisher, platform, creative and placement.

Natasha Merchant, VP of Survey Insights at Comscore, and Christian St. Louis, Solutions Manager, Team Lead at StackAdapt, discussed the impact of these new studies on advertising strategies and overall lift capabilities for connected TV.

Natasha Merchant, Comscore: Connected TV represents one of the fastest growing spaces within advertising. How is StackAdapt enabling advertisers to evaluate national, regional and local CTV campaigns to optimize performance at every level?

Christian St. Louis, StackAdapt: Traditionally, CTV and OTT measurement has been limited when compared to other devices like mobile in-app and desktop/mobile web. However, using Comscore Brand Survey Lift, we were able to measure the effect of ads on a deeper level, including measures like brand association and awareness.

Natasha Merchant, Comscore: As one of the first-ever looks at the association between a brand and a specific product offering in a large financial services client portfolio, has there been client traction and what plans are there to expand CTV content based on market demand?

Christian St. Louis, StackAdapt: Using the results of the Brand Survey Lift study, we learned that awareness for the master brand was strong, but lacked an association to the particular product line. The CTV and OTT space can be used to broaden the reach of this association, tailoring content that really shows the link between that product line and overall brand mission.

Natasha Merchant, Comscore: In what specific ways does the partnership with Comscore solve the current market need around CTV studies?

Christian St. Louis, StackAdapt: The need for CTV and OTT studies is ever-growing and not many companies have strong methodologies or relationships to make them happen. Comscore enabled us to combine our CTV and OTT execution with a real measurable KPI—like brand lift.

Natasha Merchant, Comscore: Why did your team decide to partner with Comscore?

Christian St. Louis, StackAdapt: Our team decided to partner with Comscore for several reasons. First, Comscore’s history in advertising measurement is long and storied. Second, Comscore’s relationships throughout the advertising industry are impressive, especially with publishers and content owners. Third, the customer service and attention to detail has been exemplary.

Natasha Merchant, Comscore: How are clients thinking about brand lift for CTV and ways of expanding impact past targeting, optimizing and reporting, to leverage strategies in the programmatic space?

Christian St. Louis, StackAdapt: As CTV and OTT have grown in popularity and become a regular portion of an advertiser’s multi-channel strategy, it is important to track and measure campaigns, just like all other channels. As CTV matures, these types of measurements are necessary to determine ROI and to justify future investment.

Natasha Merchant, Comscore: How is the industry embracing CTV as an effective means for advertisers to reach more viewers and to earn more of their viewing time? What do you see as the future for innovative solutions for audience measurement to programmatic advertising technology?

Christian St. Louis, StackAdapt: CTV and OTT have seen immense growth and a large uptick as of late in both average viewing time and number of viewers, due to sheltering-in-place. Advertisers realize that this is a channel where users are very engaged and can also be targeted or segmented at the household level. This provides a means of personalization on the big screen that has never been possible with traditional TV. We see more ROAS-driven measurement opening up as advertisers require the ability to back up their investments, tying CTV and OTT budgets to key KPIs like brand lift, sales lift, and foot traffic.

Comscore and StackAdapt are excited to continue their partnership on future studies. To learn more about how Comscore can help you measure real-world outcomes, click here.