- 20 de octubre, 2011

Measuring the Social Side of Display Advertising

Presentador: James Muldrow, Product Manager, Comscore Inc.

According to July 2011 data from Comscore Ad Metrix, nearly one third of all U.S. display advertising dollars was spent on creative that was socially-published or socially-enabled, with socially-published ads representing 32% of all display ad impressions during that time. Underscoring the importance of socially-published ads was a recent eMarketer report indicating Facebook display ad revenue growth in 2011 will be more than Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Google combined. With such compelling data, it’s clear that social networking sites constitute the fastest growing segment of display ad publishers on the internet today, requiring accurate and reliable measurement.

Comscore Product Manager, James Muldrow will show what marketers and agencies are missing when it comes to measuring their social media display ad investments. During this session, he'll take a deep dive into Comscore’s new Ad Metrix Social offering, providing details on the top social media display advertisers in the U.S., and the significant advantage that panel-based measurement provides when it comes to measuring socially-published display advertising.