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Football, Baseball & Politics: Philadelphia is in Mid-Season Form

Local TV Snapshot: August 8-14

Eric Bratten
Eric Bratten
Director, Demand Generation

Top 10 Local TV Markets

Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston viewers consumed the most hours of TV per household in this period. It was also a big week for Local television networks on social media, as the Los Angeles market recorded the highest numbers across all aspects of social media, including actions, cross-platform video views, and shares.

US Local TV Markets

Local TV - Top Telecasts in Philadelphia, PA: Broadcast Networks

Key Insights: The NFL season is just around the corner, and Philadelphia Eagles fans are showing their support.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles’ pre-season game on WCAU ranked ahead of all other broadcasts this week, with households tuning in for more than 3X more hours viewed vs. all other broadcast in this period
  • WPVI (ABC) World News Tonight displayed the most consistency across this period, with 4 telecasts ranking in the top 10 telecasts
Top 10 Telecasts

Local TV - Top Telecasts in Philadelphia, PA: Cable Networks

Key Insights: Prominent political commentary telecasts dominated cable rankings with every top telecast coming from either the FOX News Channel or MSNBC

  • Monday telecasts ranked higher than any other day of the week, with 5 of the top 10 broadcasts airing on this day
  • FOX News Channel saw high viewership in Philadelphia, with 9 of the top 10 telecast ranks being occupied by FOX programming
Top 10 Telecasts

Philadelphia Sports Fans Flock to Social to Support Their Teams

Key Insights: Sports come first for Philadelphia residents, with content surrounding their local teams performing above all other posts on social media.

Cross-Platform metrics across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

  • 1.2M video views
  • 615K social actions
  • 5K Pieces of content
  • 3K video shares

Definitions & Methodology:

  • Cable Television - a system in which television programs are transmitted to the sets of subscribers by cable rather than by a broadcast signal and usually is a paid subscription.
  • Broadcast Network Television - free, over-the-air broadcast television networks and local television stations (whether digital or otherwise) in the United States that are licensed by the FCC, regardless of whether a viewer accesses the signal of such networks or stations over-the-air or through other means.
  • Average Audience (AA) – Average number of TVs tuned to an entity throughout the selected time frame
  • Households (HH) – Number of unique households reporting at least one minute of viewing for the selected time frame and classification (telecast, network, etc.)
  • Share (SH) – The average audience of a particular program relative to the total average audience across all programming during the same time frame. Calculated by dividing the avg. audience of a telecast and/or network by the avg. audience over all telecasts airing at the same time (x100)
  • Rating (RTG) – The percentage of the household universe that viewed the classification (network, telecast, ad, etc.). Calculated by dividing AA by the total TV households in the selected market(s)
  • Hours Viewed per Household (Hrs/V-HH) – Average hours viewed per household during the selected time frame
  • Video Views (Cross-Platform) – Total video views across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Actions (Cross-Platform) – Total number of actions (reactions, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, loves) the specified property receives during the defined time period across the combined space of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Shares (Cross-Platform) - The total number of time the specific property’s posts were shared on Facebook or Retweeted on Twitter during the defined time period.