Comscore Smart Lift Attribution Model™ Brings the Science of Attribution to Brand Measurement

New Methodological Approach to Attribute Credit for Display Ad Campaign Performance to the Specific Publishers, Data Providers and Creative that Generate Lift

RESTON, VA, July 13, 2011 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the launch of the Comscore Smart Lift Attribution Model™, a breakthrough methodology that brings the science of attribution to brand measurement. This advancement in attribution modeling, based on validated and time-test marketing mix modeling techniques, accurately allocates display ad campaign performance by publisher or publisher type, demographic groups, interest segments, audience segments from third-party data providers, advertising creative, creative placements and client-defined segments. The model is currently being applied to Comscore AdEffx Brand Survey Lift™ studies in the United States.

Unlike the more commonly used ‘last exposure’ approach, which attributes all of the branding effect to the publisher or creative associated with a survey research respondent’s last exposure to the ad prior to taking the survey, the Comscore model accounts for all of a respondent’s exposures to ads across all publishers, including those that occur prior to and following the survey experience. This approach means that lift results reflect the composite effects of the entire campaign rather than a survey-only view. Being able to capture this complete view of ad exposures allows for proper attribution by publisher and advertising creative as well as accurate, holistic campaign measurement.

“Comscore is excited to introduce our Smart Lift Attribution Model, a breakthrough method for evaluating the branding impact of online display ad campaigns,” said Dr. Magid Abraham, Comscore President & CEO. “A few years ago, when our industry grappled with the issue of last-click attribution, Comscore pioneered research that demonstrated the view-through impact of display advertising even without a click and helped change the way we think about which ads get credit for driving sales. More recently, the challenge has been determining which ads within a particular display campaign deserve credit for driving the greatest branding impact. Based on years of R&D, Comscore has once again pioneered a solution that delivers this insight, based on the total lift generated by every impression delivered in the campaign, putting an end – once and for all – to arbitrary and erroneous methods of attribution that have plagued this field. Through the use of this proprietary model, advertisers and media planners will be equipped with the intelligence needed to optimize campaigns according to placement, data provider and creative, and media sellers are assured of getting a fair and proper credit for all the impressions they deliver, regardless of where and when the branding survey research occurs.”

How Comscore’s Smart Lift Attribution Model Works

The Smart Lift Attribution Model works by relating the probability of achieving a particular performance criterion – for example, ad awareness, brand preference or likelihood to purchase – as a function of advertising exposures delivered by each variable, such as by publisher or creative. It controls for the effects of key respondent attributes, such as age, gender, income, usage pattern and consumer segment, to ensure such variables do not bias the results. Comscore is uniquely able to assess the composite impact of all exposures to advertising because it incorporates survey results, the census measurement of all ad impressions and data from the Comscore panel to provide representative demographics of the campaign viewers rather than just the survey takers. Ultimately this model provides a more realistic and complete view of the branding effect of digital campaigns, offering a much-needed solution for the digital advertising industry seeking granular, actionable insight into the individual effects of specific publishers and advertising creative.

Industry Leaders Support New Attribution Model

“The correct attribution of the effects of online advertising has been a passion of mine since I launched the first attribution models at the Atlas Institute five years ago. The current standard of associating conversions to the last ad clicked or viewed creates a myopic view of campaigns because consumers are exposed to a variety of ads, across channels and over extended periods of time. Conversion attribution models that go beyond the last ad have advanced over the years, but they largely focus on direct response metrics such as sales, leads, and registrations. Comscore’s Smart Lift Attribution is the first to bring the science of attribution to brand measurement. This is a major step forward for the industry.”

- Young Bean Song, Principal and Founder of AnalyticsDNA

“Comscore’s Smart Lift Attribution Model might just be the major game changer the industry has needed in the war against the ‘last click’ mindset. When a company as trusted as Comscore enters a measurement conversation, people listen. This new tool will provide marketers with a level of transparency into their campaigns that most haven’t been able to reach until now.”

- Josh Dreller, VP, Media Technology & Analytics, Fuor Digital

“While this may not spell the end of ‘last-click’ attribution, it will certainly give brand-focused marketers a robust alternative to accurately assess and properly attribute the success of their digital campaigns. This is a much-needed measurement system and an exciting innovation for the digital marketing industry.”

- Joe Plummer, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Columbia University

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