- 4 de marzo, 2013

The Multi-Media Path to Purchase

What happens when traditional media faces digital? As e-Commerce has come of age, the consumer path to purchase looks less like a traditional funnel and more like a flight plan. Consumers use a variety of digital shopping tools but still need traditional media. In this presentation, Comscore chairman and co-founder Gian Fulgoni explores The Multi-Media Path to Purchase and smartphones and tablets are changing shopper habits.

Consider these e-Commerce statistics:

  • In 2012, retail e-Commerce spending rose 15% year-over-year, while online travel e-Commerce broke $100 billion for the first time
  • Overall, 41% of consumers would prefer to have grocery pricing information online – but the online preference skews younger
  • Among top online merchants, mobile device audiences increase merchant reach by at least 20%, especially for deal-a-day sites
  • More than 1 in 10 retail e-Commerce dollars are now spent via mobile device