Comscore Predictive Audiences and Channel Factory Use Cookieless Targeting to Drive Awareness of Political Candidate

Channel Factory
Channel Factory used Comscore’s cookie-free Predictive Audiences to help a political candidate drive awareness through YouTube.

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The Scenario

A political candidate, who had previously run a YouTube campaign with limited success, partnered with Channel Factory and Comscore to drive YouTube campaign awareness and generate support among A18 – 65 moderate and liberal voters.

The Solution

Number 1

Campaign Setup

Channel Factory selects 3 types of targeting to test performance:

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Comscore Predictive Audiences – Channel Factory utilized exclusive Comscore political segments like “Liberals” and “Moderates” to reach the candidates desired voter audience.
Number 2

Campaign Activated

Channel Factory first conducted an ad placement analysis to determine where the candidate’s ads had previously ran without the aid of Channel Factory targeting. It was found that 43% of their ad placements were on unsuitable content and 10% of placements ran on language outside of their language parameters, equating to around $4K in wasted media.

Number 3

Performance Measured

Campaign performance measured based on:

  • Total Impressions
  • Total Interactions

The Results

Channel Factory achieved impressive results and delivered 3.38M total impressions and increased total interactions by 126% to maximize delivery to the correct audience for the Political candidate.


Total Interaction, 332k pre-CF to 727k with CF and Comscore