- 1 outubro, 2008

All About iPhone

Palestrante: Jen Wu, Senior Analyst

All About iPhone: This changes everything. Or does it?

The iPhone has changed the way the world thinks about communication and personal productivity - email, web browsing, entertainment, mapping, social networking. The range of applications is exhaustive and expanding daily through the iPhone Developer Program.

In this report, Comscore delivers unprecedented insight into the iPhone and the new iPhone 3G.

  • How large is the iPhone community and where is the growth coming from?
  • Which applications are driving iPhone usage? What content are they after?
  • Applications or browsers? Which is the preferred access mechanism for categories of information?
  • Are users satisfied with the iPhone? What opportunities exist for other players and device makers?
  • What is the impact on the rest of the handset market?





All about iPhone Report




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