- 15 outubro, 2014

Special Event Marketing on Social

What do the Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl and Oscars have in common? They dominate social media engagement.

Indeed, social media now plays an integral role in all major special events across the globe. Brands look to advertise around these hotspots in the hopes of engaging customers in new and exciting ways.

This presentation with Shareablee examines major worldwide events such as the Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Oscars, and more to analyze what works best in social when trying to capture the excitement to build your brand loyalty. You will learn the strategies behind various social media tactics that have been used in the past and their relative effectiveness, including:

  • The connection between being an official sponsor or just using events-themed advertising (e.g. Nike vs. Adidas in the World Cup)
  • Cross-platform approaches (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) and effectively monetizing with other digital media for an integrated strategy
  • Which platforms perform best and what types of content resonate