- 17 abril, 2015

2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus Webinar

Darrick Li
Darrick Li
Senior Director

In this presentation, Darrick Li takes an in-depth look at how the prevailing trends in web usage, multi-platform engagement, online video, and digital advertising are shaping the Canadian marketplace and what these trends mean for the year ahead.

Key insights from the webinar include:

  • Mobile & Multi-Platform Creates Further Digital Opportunity:
    With mobile audiences growing in reach and performing a growing range of activities, desktop no longer tells the full story. The 28 million ‘Total Digital Population’ includes incremental audience beyond desktop in all categories, and total time is double that of desktop alone. Over 14 million users access via more than one platform each month – approaching a Multi-Platform majority.
  • Don’t Forget The Desktop:
    Desktop maintains consistent audiences across diverse categories, with Canadians leading the world in key engagement metrics. Video consumption has become a mainstay of desktop – 73% of Canadians watch video, and on average spend 5.1 more hours per month doing so than their American counterparts.
  • Digital Advertising Can Be Strengthened Further:
    Advertising continues to thrive, with 442 billion display ad impressions in 2014, led by Financial, Retail, and Automotive advertisers. There are opportunities for delivery and effect to be enhanced with diligent action taken from new and existing measurement opportunities.

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