- 1 julho, 2015

Improve Your Total Campaign Delivery Validation with vCE 2.0

Palestrante: Antoine Maringe, Senior Enterprise Sales Director and Hadidja Said Hassani, Senior Client Service Analyst Comscore Inc.

Antoine Maringe and Hadidja Said Hassani introduce how and why it is critical to be able to measure that your ads are seen, by the right audience, in the right environment, free from non-human traffic and how Comscore validated Campaign Essentials and the 2.0 version, answer to this issue.

This presentation, shared at the event, highlights several topics:

  • What are the current issues in digital advertising?
  • What are the key benefits of Comscore vCE 2.0?
  • A Kellogg’s Case Study
  • Next steps

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