- 11 abril, 2016

Combating Fraud to Drive ROI: A Kellogg and Krux Case Study

Fraud has taken an undeniable toll on the digital media industry, costing billions of dollars in wasted advertising budgets. Even relatively low levels of fraud on a campaign can mean massive amounts of waste – especially for a large advertiser like Kellogg.

To address challenges with fraud, Kellogg – in partnership with Comscore and Krux – developed innovative best practices and automated optimization techniques that helped reduce invalid traffic, improve campaign outcomes and save $2 million dollars in would-be wasted ad spend.

Listen to this roundtable webinar with Kellogg’s Amaya Garbo and Krux’s Jon Suarez-Davis to get a first-hand look into the strategy behind Kellogg’s approach and answers to key questions:

  • How does Kellogg approach fraud detection across its brands?
  • What techniques does it deploy to reduce IVT?
  • What are Krux best practices for automating optimization for IVT?
  • What are automating pitfalls to watch out for?
  • How did improved ad delivery impact Kellogg ROI?

Amaya Garbayo, Associate Director, Kellogg North America Media
Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Krux
Aaron Fetters, Senior Vice President, Comscore Marketing Solutions

View the roundtable webinar or download the case study today.