- 10 maio, 2016

Multi-platform Measurement in Mexico

Iván Marchant
Iván Marchant
VP Comscore Latinoamérica

In this presentation we talk about the launch of multi-platform measurement in Mexico, to know who, where and what is what people consume online independently of the device they use. We launched Comscore MMX Multi-Platform(R) in Mexico, that is our response to the market's need to understand total digital online consumption, deduplicating the audiences that read them independently if they see it in a PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Some of the main topics that you can find in the presentation are:

  • Millennials have an important preference in mobile and multi-platform usage worldwide.
  • The content of a website is seen by the same person in multiple devices every day.
  • How we analize the unduplicated audiences in all devices.
  • How many users are in Mexico using desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • Size and presence of children in households of the internet users as well as the distribution by macro-regions.