20 março, 2023

2023 State of Gaming

Comscore’s 2023 State of Gaming report unpacks the ever-changing gaming landscape including new opportunities for advertisers and content owners.

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Watch the full recording of our webinar stepping through all the insights and analysis with presenters Ian Essling, Senior Director, Survey Insights, and Bill Kelchner, Sales Director, Tech, Gaming & Esports. From actionable marketing ideas to consumer behaviors across PC, mobile, and console gaming, there are fast moving opportunities in this interactive entertainment market to grow value in your audience.

Download the presentation to answer questions including:

  • What genres are gamers engaging with across different platforms?
  • How do gamers feel about advertising in video games?
  • How can measurement resolve all the questions around what formats can marketers target with advertising?
  • How many gamers are watching esports, what genres are most popular, and how much does this vary by?

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