27 setembro, 2023

The 2023 Holiday Checklist

Comscore's programmatic targeting division, Proximic by Comscore, and leading ad tech platform Nexxen teamed up to help you discover the biggest advertising trends set to shape this year's peak shopping season.

The peak holiday shopping season will soon be in full swing and the competition for consumers' attention and share of wallet will be at an all-time high. This webinar discussed the biggest advertising trends that shaped historical peak seasons and what advertisers are saying about their plans for this year. Download the slideshow to uncover the key insights and ideas to fuel your most successful holiday season yet.

Key topics covered:

  • When advertising spend typically peaks during the holiday season and if that's expected to change this year
  • The most popular media formats during the holiday season to capture an audience's attention
  • A breakdown of expected spend across brand awareness, new customer acquisition, existing customer retention and existing customer upsell tactics
  • Leading data types to be used for targeting and how advertisers are planning to allocate spend across each