Advertise National,
Optimize Locally


- 11 março, 2024
Steve Bagdasarian
Steve Bagdasarian
Chief Commercial Officer

At its core, advertising is about the consumer journey and how to move products off shelves. Successful campaigns are designed around raising upper funnel awareness and driving lower funnel response, meaning advertisers need to be able to find their consumers at the right time, and the right place to drive their desired outcomes.

At the same time, advertisers are under increasing pressure to deliver maximum impact for their investment. The way to achieve this is by ensuring audiences are reached as effectively and efficiently as possible by partnering with a measurement provider that can deliver new insights to drive increased ROI for advertisers and publishers.   

In a groundbreaking advancement for the industry, Comscore recently unveiled a significant innovation to its Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR) solution to revolutionize measurement for modern advertising - CCR Local. CCR, for the first time, now integrates national and local linear TV, digital, streaming, and social channels, delivering on our commitment to extend cross-platform deduplicated audience measurement to the local market level for all environments and platforms.

With the introduction of CCR Local, Comscore has bridged the last gap in cross-platform ad measurement, providing publishers and advertisers the tools needed for total audience reach optimization.

By measuring audiences at a hyper-local level, our clients can advertise nationally and optimize locally. CCR is a true cross platform solution that paves the way for complete local market coverage, transforming the way advertisers harness data for precise, in-flight campaign adjustments served both programmatically and directly across all media types.

Integrating with CCR Local

The Trade Desk will be the first demand-side platform to integrate CCR Local market reporting, giving The Trade Desk’s clients access to expanded insights to help measure data-driven campaigns powered by Comscore's unparalleled local market coverage.  

In a year with major tentpole events like the Olympics and the presidential election on the horizon, reaching audiences where they are is even more crucial. The Trade Desk’s integration with CCR Local enables advertisers to understand how linear and digital ad spend interact both nationally and within each local market.

  • The average household has become more crowded with devices and platforms, so marketers need the best data and insights to help ensure the most impactful advertisements. Comscore’s new offering has the insights to help our clients make the most out of their media investment, especially for auto advertisers and political campaigns, where success on the local level is key.
    Ben Sylvan
    VP, Data Partnership
    The Trade Desk

With this integration, CCR local offers advertisers and publishers the ability to extend the power of their dollar and make media work harder by effectively driving downstream performance outcomes to meet consumers where they are.

CCR Local in Action

Consider an advertiser who needs to develop an ad campaign targeted to NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With CCR Local, clients not only analyze delivery to those markets, but also use data to support strategic adjustments in real-time.   

For example, if a campaign is serving 19% more impressions to L.A. than the overall market population share across the campaign, but under-delivering to NYC by 2.3%, clients can optimize targeting strategies on-the-fly, achieving maximum impact in specific geographic markets, and ensure that every dollar is spent with confidence.  

The ability to optimize local and national campaign delivery by platform and publisher with laser-precision, unlocks actionable insights that drive ROI. CCR Local is now live in all Top 100 markets with full local market coverage to follow.

Driving Results

Comscore understands how crucial it is to make informed decisions and investments, particularly within the realm of local advertising.

Advertisers and publishers interested in joining the ranks of leading brands who help them take control of their campaign trajectories with actionable measurement can learn more here about Comscore Campaign Ratings and the new Local reporting enhancement.   

CCR Local allows clients to thoroughly understand the impact of their media and marketing efforts at a granular level, enabling them to make informed decisions in-flight that can influence outcomes, achieve results, and drive audience consumption in the markets they care about.